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Acre of Roses, organic, sustainable, ethical flowers. Based in Trentham.

acre of roses, trentham

Sustainable, closed loop micro-flower farm based in Trentham. No pesticides, herbicides or floral foam are used, and the farm is bee friendly.  A founding member of Consortium Botanicus, a micro-flower farmer collective allowing growers to connect with the creative industry.

Floral artisans bringing you the scents, colours and wayward stems of naturally grown old-fashioned fragrant roses, seasonal cut flowers, herbs and foliage.

Accommodation, gatherings and intimate weddings.

Metta Melbourne, simple linen wedding dresses

Metta melbourne

Sometimes simple is the most stunning. Melbourne label Metta has been specialising in linen for years and their soft, feminine pieces are perfect for a relaxed wedding. 

This Melbourne based label is all about slow fashion and designing for longevity in style and quality. Metta only use natural fibers, and utilize any offcuts for smaller home wears and accessories. They work with small family run companies overseas, as well as making some pieces locally.

With timeless cuts and understated detailing, the range caters to both the bride and bridesmaids. Rather than only being worn once, Metta dresses will go down the aisle with you and then slide into your everyday wardrobe.

 The full Metta Melbourne range is available through the Scarlet Jones boutique in Hawthorn, Albert Park and online.

The Estate Trentham - Country Victoria wedding venue

The Estate, Trentham

An original c1902 three bedroom federation house set amongst beautiful gardens in the heart of Trentham just over one hour from Melbourne.

Inspired by Scandanavian interiors, fresh white walls, dark floors and airy rooms, complemented by natural wood furniture, a mix of old and new curated collections from European flea markets, to local country finds. The kitchen houses a large personal collection of vintage crockery, wooden utensils and chopping boards. Two bedrooms in the house and an original potato pickers shed, now the 3rd bedroom, a few steps away from the main house, overlooking the herb gardens and mini orchard.

The Velvet Archers, wedding folk band

velvet archers

Velvet Archers are a three piece folk band hailing from Melbourne's East. This foot stompin' trio will have your ears tingling with joy one minute then working up at dance sweat the next. Velvet Archers have been touring across Australia playing festivals, pubs, clubs and weddings for over 6 years. 

Nathan Wilson (banjo) also heads up community focused initiative 'Project C'. Currently focusing on the area of Frankston North, Project C work to foster creativity by offering young people an alternative way of engaging in life and education. Project C work with professional artists to share lessons in art, creativity and divergent thinking.  Nathan with Project C has run a number of hugely successful events which on occasion have featured Velvet Archers members to raise funds and awareness on the importance of Creative Arts within the education system and youth in general. Project C focus on nurturing healthy relationships with educators, students and artists that cultivate an environment of inclusion and growth.

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Trufflepig Catering + Events. Photo by Marnie Hawson Weddings.

Trufflepig Catering & Events

Trufflepig Catering & Events creates rustic yet refined events with a touch of imagination, creativity and fun.  They love sumptuous, elegant canapes served amidst sparkling conversation & wine.  They love big, rustic platters of food shared amongst friends & family.  Their food is colourful, hand made and packed full of flavour.  

Trufflepig believes in minimising its impact on the environment wherever possible.  The team understands where their produce comes from and focuses on using seasonal, home grown and local, organic and free range produce, resulting in maximum flavour, and minimum carbon miles.  The team abides by environmental work practices such as composting its organic matter, using biodegradable disposable products, and are in the process of setting up their permiculture garden.

Pepper Sprout Hire, wedding hire for country Victoria

pepper sprout hire

Pepper Sprout Hire are all about beautiful weddings and events. 

They provide luxury hire products to the Geelong and wider regions, including bentwood chairs, festoon lighting, timber trestles and bar furniture. They are also run by the same lovely people of Pot and Pan Culinary Tailoring.

Under Sky, Sperry Tent hire for weddings - an alternative to wedding marquees

under sky, sperry tents

Under Sky provides both luxury camping accommodation and Sperry tent hire to create the ultimate outdoor event. Their 'glamping' services allow you to create tent villages that accommodate guests on site in the most comfortable and stylish way. And the stunning handcrafted Sperry Tents feature a sweeping canopy supported by natural wooden poles which creates a signature look of both elegance and romance. 

Under Sky have a growing fleet of tents to accommodate weddings of any size. 

Pot and Pan Culinary Tailoring

Pot and Pan

Pot & Pan Culinary Tailoring are a family owned and run boutique catering and events business that are focused on seasonal organic free range and local produce. They support smaller producers, even to the extent of picking up their olive oil from an organic producer every few months in large metal tanks, focusing on lowering waste and sustainability.

All menus are tailored to suit the clients loves, tastes and family heritage. They want the client to have the food they love on their day, and they do it in a traditional way with beautiful grazing feasting tables, abundant delicious share plates, cheese & charcuterie tables.

The Little Church, Spring Hill - Country Victoria wedding venue

the little church, spring hill

A charming timber building, weathered by over one hundred years, steeped in history, the traditional church and beautifully designed pavilion are tucked amongst ancient gum trees on the private two acre property.

As well as being full of character and charm, the Little Church is also an eco venue. Nicky and Mac have used as many sustainable practices as possible in the renovation of the buildings through to the everyday use of the site. The property has full stand alone solar power production, rainwater harvesting for drinking water, waste water treatment on site, recycled waste, compost and a herb garden. The Pavilion is architecturally designed with passive solar energy gain, full insulation and cross ventilated cooling for summer. The heating is a double sided solid fuel combustion fireplace which uses fallen timber from the farm. 

Anthony Cribbes Celebrant

anthony cribbes celebrant

Anthony Cribbes is a kickass celebrant who is on a mission to eliminate boring weddings, but also holds some pretty great values in his personal life. He has a great passion for sustainable living and has a continual journey towards living completely impact free. Whether it’s riding his bike to meetings or making sure all the paper he uses is 100% recycled, keeping the planet thriving is key to him. He even has grand plans of converting his 40 acre property near Ballarat to a sustainable farming community centre with his gorgeous wife Tilly.

Melinda Wain Makeup

melinda wain makeup

Melinda Wain is one of Australia’s leading hairdressers and makeup artists. Having worked at Channel Ten in Melbourne and Sydney for more than twelve years, Melinda has worked with some of the biggest names in the television and music industries. 

Since moving into the freelance arena nearly 10 years ago, Melinda now has a strong preference for ethically sourced and vegan products. Melinda also prides herself on her philanthropic efforts with donations to a Vietnamese orphanage of nearly 100kgs in clothes and medical supplies, as well as her support of the Dr Hamlin’s Fistula Clinic in Ethiopia.

Chalky_best in show-2.jpg

Chalky signs

Natalie is a chalkboard signwriter and artist working locally in the Macedon Ranges. She creates beautiful custom chalk commissions for venues, events and weddings - seating plans, menus, welcome signs, decorative artwork and anything in between. Natalie salvages and restores old frames and uses these exclusively for her works.

TINK jewellery, made in Melbourne


TINK is the creation of jeweller and maker Michael Tink. With a studio in Melbourne,  he restores and remakes people's loved pieces, manufactures custom works like engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and pendants. Using high-grade metals and ethically sourced gold, diamonds and gemstones, his jewellery illustrates meticulous craftsmanship (so you can be sure Tink's hands have created every piece that leaves his studio).

Cloud 9 Celebrations, Melbourne wedding celebrant

Shannon Jeans Civil Celebrant

For Shannon, being a celebrant is not just about standing up front, speaking words of generic love and then signing the legal paperwork.  It’s much more.  It’s about connection. It’s about ensuring you as a couple stay true to yourselves. It’s about creating a real and honest representation of your ‘brand’ as a duo throughout their ceremony. It’s about having your best interests at heart.

Shannon encourages and adheres to sustainable practises wherever possible. In fact on a personal level, she is currently helping her family build a fully sustainable eco-friendly property which is focused on completely minimising environmental impacts on the Mornington Peninsula. Shannon runs her business as paperless as possible and donates 5% of her total annual earnings to not for profit charities and social enterprises who reflect the same morals, values and ethics as she does.

Churchill, Taradale by Prunella Botanical Stylists

churchill, taradale

Overlooking pocket-sized Taradale, Prunella's first venue Churchill is a beautiful old country church and accompanying Sunday school hall. The 1858 church boasts grand timber ceilings, stained-glass windows, a carved wooden pulpit, even a choir-loft. The church and the charming, whitewashed wooden hall are set in two acres of garden with spectacular views over the surrounding countryside and town. 

Seasonal, local foliage and flowers are sourced where possible in order to reduce carbon miles and to support local growers. Guests are always encouraged to take flowers home and any flowers or foliage left over at Churchill are fed to the sheep across the road!

Marnie Hawson, ethical wedding photographer and Jason Hewitt Bridal

jason hewitt bride

As a studio, Jason Hewitt aims to minimise waste during every step of the development process while also ensuring the materials used are of the highest possible quality. They avoid synthetics, irresponsibly produced fabrics and poor quality materials. By ensuring the fit of every dress is tailored to each individual client and merging traditional and newer dressmaking techniques they try to make something that will stay with you forever. Each dress they create is individual to the bride and they offer styles that can be altered and dyed after your wedding so you can wear them again if you wish to.

Maj & Those We Fancy custom cakes


Maj's cakes evolved from afternoon baking sessions using Betty Crocker cake mixes with her childhood best friend, to following her Nan’s recipes and valuing the goodness that comes from baking from scratch, quality ingredients and organic produce. She has since expanded into gluten, dairy free and vegan over the last few years due to her own dietary lifestyle changes.

Maj loves being creative and that shows in her cakes. She loves nothing more than to have free reign and let her creativity run wild with beautiful fresh blooms and organic fruits and yes, even vegetables. All her cakes are perfectly imperfect and create everlasting wonderful, delicious memories.  

Butterland, Newstead - Country Victoria wedding venue

butterland, newstead

Butterland, once a working butter factory in country Newstead, is a heritage listed building full of character that has been retained and enhanced by Katie Marx and Greg Hatton.

With an eye to sustainability, sensitivity to the environment and an innovative design aesthetic, this mellow old building has been repurposed with restraint
and is now the setting for events that prefer an honest and ethical approach. The building has been carefully restored using sustainably harvested and recycled materials and a craftsman’s approach. Trestle tables were once locally sourced timber floorboards, and many of the original floor tiles have been preserved.

A small swimming pool was once a sump tank and the towering brick furnace chimney has been repointed to become both a backdrop and landmark. Heating for the butter factory is from a repurposed barn furnace. Using fallen timber from Katie and Greg’s property, it gives off slow gentle warmth via hydronic radiators. Cooling in summer is also passive.

Lawns and mulched gardens are watered using well water and green waste is composted and returned to the soil. Plant material for Katie’s remarkable flower and foliage installations is largely foraged for locally, with thought for the harvested trees and shrubs.

Lindsey Myra organic flowers

lindsey myra flowers

The Flower Farm produces true to type, heirloom blooms in an organic, open air setting. Founded on the principles of permaculture and rooted in a true passion for flora,  this small-scale farm provides a positive and sustainable approach to cut flowers. 

Established in 2012 as The Urban Flower Farm, in a backyard in Melbourne's northern suburbs, the little flower farm was the first of it's kind in Victoria. It has been featured on Gardening Australia, in The Weekly Times and across a wide range of digital and print medias.

Lindsey is motivated by three key ambitions on the farm: to produce a more environmentally sustainable product, to raise awareness and educate about the processes of the floral industry and lastly, a personal desire to create beauty and lots of it!

Sarah + Lucas_reception_low res-79.jpg

Aghadoe estate

Nestled on 60 acres, Aghadoe is a 1860's heritage listed homestead around 20 kilometres from Daylesford. The estate features established gardens, majestic fir trees and an abundance of open areas. There is an original stable, expansive lawns, hedged courtyard and orchards, and a homestead with five bedrooms.  

Megan Thompson, Macedon Ranges celebrant. Photo by Marnie Hawson Weddings

megan thompson, celebrant

Megan believes in creating a heartfelt ceremony, that is both fun yet relaxed – always a true reflection of the couple before her and the love they share. She loves to create ceremonies that are full of love and laughter and believes every one of them should tell a story, not just about a couple’s journey so far, but even more importantly – what the future holds. 

Megan's contribution to sustainable practices comes mostly from minimising printing at every opportunity - preferring to share information electronically with her couples and reading from tablets during ceremonies as opposed to books. She is a minimalist in both her home and office environment.

The Euroa Butter Factory, country Victoria wedding venue

the euroa butter factory

This lovingly restored grand old building has been transformed from an old butter & ice factory into a fabulous country retreat suitable for a weekend away, a special event or somewhere to while away a few hours in the garden.

Beautiful boutique Bed and Breakfast accommodation has been established within the old building along with function spaces on the old factory floor and within the garden for a celebration.